25 grudnia, 2021

Christmas celebration in Madagascar

Christmas in Red Island  Many faiths and religions coexist in Madagascar. Majority of the population is Protestant or Catholic, but some is also Muslim or follows […]
3 grudnia, 2021

We have a new partner. Read about our cooperation with RWS.

We are pleased to announce about another international company – RWS which has joined to our Friends of the Ankizy Gasy – Children of Madagascar Foundation […]
20 lipca, 2021

Extension of the school in Ambatomasina

Building works started in Ambatomasina school! Since 2015 with a collaboration with a Dutch organisation FSM  Fanampiana Sekoly Malagasy we have been supporting a primary school […]
26 czerwca, 2021

Independence Day in Madagascar

26th of June Madagascar celebrated  its 61st anniversary of Independence . It is always a very joyful day and often a whole week of different events […]
30 maja, 2021

Mother’s day

On the 30th May we celebrated Mother’s day in Madagascar.  Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful but also very intense and challenging experience […]
17 maja, 2021

Winter in Madagascar starts

Winter in Madagascar has started  and children have gone back to schools after Covid confinement. Winter lasts in Madagascar between the end of May and the […]
20 kwietnia, 2021

Saint Joseph College

Saint Joseph College is the biggest school in Ambohidratrimo. It consists of a pre-school, a primary and a junior secondary school. It is run by  nuns […]
13 kwietnia, 2021

Personal hygiene

Access to a clean water is still a luxury in Madagascar. Most of our children do not have running water at home. Bringing buckets of water […]
15 marca, 2021

Green Class

Two schools FJKM Ambohidratrimo and EKAR Andogonina which have been participating in a program of Education for Life, recently benefited with a short trip to an […]
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