20 kwietnia, 2021

Saint Joseph College

Saint Joseph College is the biggest school in Ambohidratrimo. It consists of a pre-school, a primary and a junior secondary school. It is run by  nuns […]
13 kwietnia, 2021

Personal hygiene

Access to a clean water is still a luxury in Madagascar. Most of our children do not have running water at home. Bringing buckets of water […]
15 marca, 2021

Green Class

Two schools FJKM Ambohidratrimo and EKAR Andogonina which have been participating in a program of Education for Life, recently benefited with a short trip to an […]
11 lutego, 2021

New project in Ampananina primary school

EKAR Saint Michael Ampananina primary school is one of 17 village schools in a district of Ambohidratrimo. We have been supporting the school since 2015 when […]
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