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Join our programme and become a sponsor of a child in Madagascar, giving him or her a chance for a better future.

Give Malagasy children the opportunity to go to school and receive the education they need and which they deserve like other children in the world. You can become a sponsor of a child yourself or on behalf of your loved ones – by giving them a personalized gift certificate.

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Madagascar in numbers

since 2011

we help children in Madagascar

60 %

of Madagascar's population is illiterate

80 %

of Madagascar's population lives in dire poverty


it costs one person to educate each year


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Friends of Ankizy Gasy Children

of Madagascar Foundation Program

To implement our new project of building a canteen in the primary school Saint Michael in Ampananina we invited Polish and international entrepreneurs who have proven to have big hearts apart from their flair for business.

Ampananina is a small village with a population of 677 people, 313 of whom are children and young people under the age of 18. The inhabitants are hard-working farmers, whose harvests often do not even allow them to support their own families. Many cannot afford to pay for compulsory but paid education.

Few years ago we renovated the old school in Ampananina and put up a new building with two classrooms. We also have been paying a salary of one teacher. However, the facility still lacks many basic things, including a kitchen, a canteen, and their equipment, as well as another teacher.

Serving meals in schools increases the number of attending pupils, which has a direct impact in fighting against illiteracy in rural communities.

The main goal of the project is to open a school kitchen and a canteen and to put up a shelter where children could eat their lunch. We would like to provide 150 pupils with their daily hot meals and additionally pay a monthly salary of an extra teacher. We also hope to build a football pitch to increase an access to sport activities for all children in the village.

To reach our goal for Malagasy children we need your help. Dear Friends of Children of Madagascar thank you for supporting us!
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